The Three Headed Monster

The Three Headed Monster

Your goal is to become a three headed monster.   Top athletes in this sport have Strength, Skills and Conditioning.  Your goal is to be feeding (improving) all three heads at the same time – every month, every week, every day.  If you have a serious weakness in one (one head is smaller than the other two), feed it more till its as big as the others.

Conditioning – This is the “Sport of Fitness”, and we define fitness as work capacity (your ability to do more work in less time).  Do you have the conditioning and stamina to move quickly regardless how light or heavy the task is, and regardless of how long the effort may take.  Lots of dudes can do 10-20 Front Squats at 225#, but what happens when they need to rep out 225 front squats with their heart rate at 190?

Strength – The sport of CrossFit rewards strong athletes.  The average 2013 Games Athletes have the following numbers (men/women):
Snatch:  259/153
Clean and Jerk:  319/187
Back Squat: 434/247
Dead Lift:  509/311
In fact at this year’s games the Clean and Jerk ladder was one of the most predictive events of final placing.  The top ten OVERALL male finishers averaged about 325# on the CJ ladder at the Games.  Places 11-20 in the overall standings averaged about 315.  Places 21-30 were about 313 and the bottom 15 or so places clean and jerked an average of 295.  In other words, assuming you have the conditioning and skills to make it to the games, the stronger you are the more likely you are to place well overall.

Skills – Few aspects of the sport separate the good from the great more than their skills.  Work capacity and strength are certainly vital pieces to success, but it doesn’t matter how strong you are (500# dead lift), how well conditioned you are (5:00 mile), or how many burpees and kettlebell swings you can do – if you can’t do big sets of Muscle ups, HSPU, Pistols, Double unders, Butterfly pull ups, Handstand walking, etc…  If you can’t do the high skill stuff you are going to be stopped in your tracks in a competition… or in class.

We couldn't figure out who had the best eyes!

We couldn’t figure out who had the best eyes!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


A. Press 3rm

B. 2 rounds for time of:

10 Pull-ups

Run, 300 m

10 Pull-ups

30 Sit-up

40 Air Squats

-Rest 2 mins

Boot Camp

3 sets:

Max Rep Medball Clean for 2 min

Rest 1 minute

Max Rep Burpees for 2 min

Rest 2 min

Friday, August 23, 2013


A. Back Squat 3rm (15min)

B. Power Snatch arm (15min)

C. Sled Drag Backwards-50m (15min)

Boot Camp

For Time:

400m run


300m run


200m run


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