My Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises

My Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises

By: Coach Brett

If I had to pick 3 Movements to do every day for the rest of my life it would be Face-pulls, Walking Lunges, and 10 Min Squat Hold.


Face Pulls

They help improve shoulder health, increase strength in your upper back, and increase your Bench Press. Stick to reps of 15-20 Reps


2️⃣Walking Lunges

Longer distances for time is the perfect combination of building strength alongside cardio endurance. You can perform 400 Meters at a slow and steady pace or lunge for 10-15 Minutes.

3️⃣ Squat Hold

The end goal is 10 full minutes in a deep Squat.  We were born to Squat, we do it every day of our lives. Improving the range of motion here and its benefits following are unreal. Start with a few minutes at a time. Every week add more and more time until you reach 10 minutes.