Types of Workouts We Do and Why

Types of Workouts We Do and Why

CrossFit works because of the intensity. Intensity is your ability to perform as much work as possible in the least amount of time as possible. I often post a workout, and then get to the gym at the end of the day and check the results.There are always numerous times that are WAY over the time frame I intended. That’s where modifications are crucial. Here are some of the things I think about when programming workouts:

Strength- Not to hard to explain. It’s a cookie cutter strength training template. We do lots of 5 x 5’s and 5 x 3’s. The goal is to keep track of how much you lift and then add to it the next time you do the same movement. For example, if I do 5 x 3 back squat on Monday at 275 for my last set, and then do a 5 x 3 back squat again in 6 weeks, I will attempt to  back squat 10# heavier than the lift I did previously. This is a simple method to gain strength and assess improvement. We do lots of lifting like this so it is super important that you keep track of your numbers! Without a foundation of strength you will never get better.

Short Conditioning- These are burners. I say less than 8 minutes, but often I am thinking the 5 minute range is perfect. Really all this type of workout is is a mental test. Think of the workout “Fran”. How much work can you do while taking the least amount of rest as possible? Do a burner as fast and as hard as possible, and you end up in a place that is no fun to go to. This type of workout is a necessary evil, but not the type of workout you need to do every single training session. Very taxing on the central nervous system.

Medium Conditioning- These are the “money maker” workouts and where we spend most of our time. The time frame is generally 8-14 minutes. There is some rest expected to happen, but we are still at a range that permits us to do much more work than rest. You will get great results if you spend the majority of your time in the medium range coupled with a solid strength program.

Long Conditioning- These workout are anything over 20 minutes. If you are doing a variety of movements, expect to spend much more time resting. These workouts are good to do on occasion, but if you are resting more than you are working, what’s the point? We keep these long workouts to a minimum. If not, you will not last the test of time with CrossFit. Overuse injuries are the norm during these type of workouts.

Non-Timed Workouts- These are used to focus primary on skill acquistion. Sometimes we are so used to the clock it’s hard not to image a workout without it. These workouts are important so that you can rest mentally. The next few days we focus on mechanics, technique, and efficiency for the sake of improved performance on Saturday’s Baseline Re-test!

-Chris super focused during last Saturday’s workout.

Thursday’s Workout


A. Row- Proper Technique (tips here) 2000m Row (with Partner)-focus is pacing and leg drive

B. Weighted Pushup 5×5

C. Reverse Tabata Squats (10 seconds of work: 20 seconds of rest: 8sets)

…coming up Friday

Not timed:

A. Pullup Cues (work with partner on: beat swing, pull up, and the push away)

B. Overhead BB Lunges 5×6 (start off the rack)

C. Reverse Tabata Situps (10 seconds of work: 20 seconds of rest: 8sets)


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