We are Crossfitters

We are Crossfitters

Too often clients associate their fitness with being skinnier and watching their weight go down. Don’t be a victim of this. Record your workout performances instead and use this scientific data as your fitness barometer. It’s okay to be weight-conscious, but be careful of being addicted to a false indicator of fitness. We are Crossfitters. We build muscle, we produce power. You will know when you are fit. You will know that regardless of what the scale says you just PR’d by 100 points on Fight Gone Bad or dropped your Fran time by 45 seconds. Then I’ll ask you again if you care how much you weigh.

-Measuring Your Success, Coach K (Dec. 27, 2007)

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Skill of the Week: Power Clean

Behind the Neck Push Press 5 x 5

5 minute AMRAP: Max Burpee Pullup


5 minute AMRAP: Max Burpee Box Jump