What matters most?

What matters most?

By Will Richardson from Weblogg-ed

I think we can expect every child to understand regardless of interest and passion. As a consequence so should each adult. If you had to choose the most important which would it be and why? Post on the comment section.

1. Living softly on the Earth (Our global impacts.)

2. Gender equality equity (Note #2) (With a particular emphasis on the objectification and sexualization of young girls and women.)

3. Developing expertise (Understanding what it means to go deep intellectually)

4. Public participation (Both online and off)

5. Managing, analyzing, synthesizing and sharing multiple streams of simultaneous information.

6. Physical fitness and health (Real fitness. Real health.)

7. Consumerism and finance (Understanding the systems of money)

8. Networked online learning (And all that goes with that)

9. Reputation management/becoming a trusted source/online safety

10. Participating in a democracy (Online and off)

11. Embracing and learning through change (Too much of schools is about stagnation.) (Added after original posting.)

12. Embracing diversity (Our changing cultural influences)

13. Problem solving and programming solutions

Saturday’s Workout

Top Secret!! Come to the Naples High Track at 8am and find out! Bring a guest. Your partner is crucial for this workout…Hint, Hint, Wink, Wink.

….and coming Monday

4 sets:
200m Row
20 Hang Cleans (95/55)
20 Anchored Situps

-Rest as needed.

Post total time.