Why Scale? Why NOT?!

Why Scale? Why NOT?!

Let’s talk quickly about scaling. The reason we scale workouts is to preserve intensity. We always want to get to that place where it feels like it hurts really bad,  your thinking man this is really hard, you’re like oh my god this workout is terrible.

What happens if we don’t scale we lose that. The reason we want that is because that’s where results are. You might chose to scale on pull-ups thats really really difficult for you to where you can’t continue doing the pull ups and you find yourself in these places not breathing really hard, and staring at whatever object becuase you’ve lost focus. At that point intensity has been lost. No results!
We want to scale so that we keep moving whatever scale we choose. I’m it’s not making the workout necessarily easier it’s actually making it so we can continue moving at a very difficult fast pace and that’s what we want to do so whenever you’re looking at the workout and your thinking “maybe I’m going to easy right now”, Rethink it.
Remember you’re not making it easier for yourself you actually making it harder. Make sure you keep moving.
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Saturday, August 24, 2013 


10 sets-no rest

-30 sec Wall Ball (20/14)

-30 sec Power Snatch (75/45)

-30 sec Jumping Bar Dips





A. Strength: Press 10 Rep (not max)

B. For Time:

-100 Box Step Up (30/24)

-100 Hand Release Push Up

-100 Sit Up (straight leg)

(break up as needed)

-17 min cap

Boot Camp

3 rounds-

100m farmer carry (HEAVY)

30 air squats

100m farmer carry

30 air squats

rest 2 mins between rounds

-ONE partner at a time carries weights, 30 air squats performed in unison