Yoga Sesh

Yoga Sesh

Thanks to everyone who came out to Free Community Yoga on Sunday. We don’t ever schedule anything on Sundays  because we like to remind you how important it is to rest but I couldn’t say no to Yoga..Isn’t Yoga meant for recovery anyways?!

Jamie Shane, owner of Bija Yoga, who is also a good friend and Crossfitter, put us threw an amazing session that helped up open our hips and shoulders and challenge our flexibility and balance.

Jamie is offering an amazing deal to local CrossFitters. $5 classes for the month of June and July.

“We know how grueling a CrossFit workout is, and for the months of June and July, we are here to help! Unlike many other yoga studios, we don’t specialize in Power yoga; we specialize in “fix-it” yoga. This means that on your off days, or your de-load week, we can help to stretch out, straighten, soothe and re-align your aching body. Our style of yoga is not another workout in your schedule, but rather a way to heal through movement.”-Jamiea

For these two months, these two classes are offered for $5 to the local CrossFit community. Just come on down to the studio and tell the teacher the name of your gym. Be sure to let them know what you have been WODing that week, and then sit down to enjoy. They have all equipment available for free use.

Also be looking out for another awesome sesh of Yoga on our list of events in the near future.


Tuesday  June 10, 2014



A. Bench 5 x 5

Week 8 of 10

B. EMOM 16:

  • Odd-200m/150m Row
  • Even- 1 Rd of “Cindy” (5 Pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Air Squats)



Boot Camp

Skill: PVC Deadlift

Workout: 10 minutes of work- 5 DB Deadlifts (light), 10 push ups, 30 singles

Cash out: 400m Run

Discussion: Sugar, Refined Carbs into Glucose, Insulin Response


…coming Wednesday

A. Snatch- Heavy Single

Week 8 of 10

B. 20min AMRAP:

  • 800m Run
  • 30 DB Squats Cleans (45/25)
  • 30 Burpees
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