5 Fitness Habits That Will Keep You Fit For Life

5 Fitness Habits That Will Keep You Fit For Life

By: Mario Ashley, MBA

There are things that we can do on a weekly basis that helps keep us disciplined and motivated fitness plan. We call these things “non-negotiables”, and that regardless of how we feel we do it anyways. Our motto, for taking positive actions despite our emotions is called “discipline over motivation.”

Here are 5 habits you should stick to on a weekly basis:

A squat a day keeps the orthopedic doctor away
Life required and demands that you squat below parallel dozens of times a day. We can make life much easier by building a level of proficiency in the squat that squat is second nature. Thoughtless and complete with ease. For many, unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Such a loss of capacity leads to loss of functional living (aka high quality of life).

We take that concept to the highest level by creating the biggest buffer possible so nobody has to ever help us out of a chair. Once or twice a week, we train the squat. Doesn’t matter how we perform it. Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Unilateral Squat, you name it we want to squat it. Barbell, Dumbell, Kettlebells, Sandbags, it doesn’t matter to us. We just want you to squat it.

Sit below parallel
Speaking of squatting. In this day in age, we are sitting so much it has reduced our capacity to sit below parallel for long periods of time. The invention of the chair was created to allow the West the ability to squat with support. Unfortunately, that took away the ability for us to do it ourselves. Studies have proven time and time again that low back pain comes some sitting too long. Not only does sitting below parallel increase intervertable disc fluid in the spine, it improves joint functions as the ankle, knee, hips, and spine.

Elevate your heart rate
Stimulating your cardiovascular system required that you elevate your heart rate over well above your resting heart rate. Training the way we do increase that percentage at near 80-90% of MHR. That’s a great thing. By training well above our maximal aerobic capacity at short bouts we stimulate a slew of positive hormonal outcomes that increase natural testosterone, decreases body fat, and helps stabilize our moods. And walking doesn’t count as exercise. Walking is a daily required activity that all humans beings are required to do to get from point A to point B. Just sayin.

Pull yourself into better posture
Life has literally pushed us towards working more with our upper body “show” muscles more than our back muscles. Sitting hasn’t helped either. In one study, sitting caused….Not only is training pulling exercises like barbell rows, and rings rows going to develop shoulder backs they’ll also keep your shoulder in better position. Better should position equals better posture and less low back pain over time.

Don’t go more than 2 days without exercise
The ultimate goal of workout out consistently like this is that we develop habits that produce a healthy lifestyle. The more days you take off the easier it becomes not to work out. I find that exercising (20-30minutes) every other day provides the most natural mood stabilizer that we have. Studies are coming out that provide exercisers enhances brain activity and reduces depression. Best of all… it’s free!