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Assessing Ankle Mobility Using Angle Measurements

Written By: Mario Ashley, MBA

It has been 6-months since my client had partial knee replacement surgery to replace part of her damaged knee due to osteoarthritis and degeneration of her medial meniscus. She progressed quickly through physical therapy much faster than her doctor expected. It’s my belief that she progressed faster than most of her cohorts because her fitness is well above her demographic. She was also very disciplined at following the home remedies by her PT.

Not seeing her in months I quickly noticed latent swelling and ankle restriction to her knee. I attribute the swelling to the natural process post-surgery and her loss of ankle mobility to my client not being able to use her leg is our Baseline leg. The non-surgical side is what we use as a comparison. As you can see her leg is not as mobile which is causing asymmetries to her gait. If not rectified she will develop other issues like unnecessary loading to one side, back pain, and worst case scenario a re-injury to her surgical side.

In less than 2-minutes with her foot elevated on the box, we introduce what I call “High-Intensity Interval Passive Stretching”.  A passive stretch is where the client assumes a position that lengthens a specific muscle and/or increases the joint angle through end range. This is usually performed with the assistance of a partner (that would be me) and it is held for a given length of time. In this example, we held it the end range for 10 seconds at a time before moving back toward less tension. We repeat this process 10-15/times.

The “High Intensity” is the rating I give the client to hold in which the stretching is very uncomfortable but not painful. As you can see in just 2-minutes we were quickly and effectively able to improve her ankle mobility.



Age: 72

Occupation: CPA, Small Business Owner

Classes per week: 2 Masters, 1 non-Masters

Family: Married to Paul (also a member) for 50 years. Two children ages 49 and 46.


How long have you been CrossFitting?  

Started personal training with Mario in August 2014.   We were in very bad shape and needed a lot of work. In 5 months of personal training, Paul lost 40lbs and I lost 20lbs. It was around that time Mario came up with the idea of creating a “Masters Class”. That was in  January 2015.  For a while, it was just the two of us. Slowly but slowly the Masters class continued to grow. Which is amazing because we now have over 15 Masters training with us.  We are so disciplined with our training that we will drop-in to other CrossFit gyms when we are on vacation.

How many times have you competed in the Open?   

This is the 4th year.

Why did you choose to compete in the Open this year?    

Every year I do that Open I know I’m going to be challenged. It’s also a good way to see how much I have progressed over the years of doing the Open.

What is your favorite part about the Open? 

My favorite part out the Open is the amazing community of Master athletes that we have. Those that finish last are given just as much encouragement as those that are more skilled.


Anything you would like to add?  

Naples Strength & Conditioning provides an outstanding experience in everything they do. Whether that is in the regular group classes or the special events that they create for us we know it is going to be well organized and as professional as can be. The coaches are well qualified and skilled at making the necessary modifications so we can all participate and train together.


Age: 59
Occupation: Retired
Classes per week: 3
Family: Married, two sons ages 36 & 34. Three Grandsons ages 13,10, 7 and a 1-year-old granddaughter

How long have you been CrossFitting?
This is my 4 year at Naples S& C. I like to say my “fourth winter”.

Why did you choose to compete in the Open this year?
I admit it wasn’t my choice. Almost our entire Master’s Class registered for the Open so they didn’t give me much of a choice.

What is your favorite part about the Open?
My favorite part about the Open is doing the workout with a really good group of people, who care about each other’s accomplishments. It’s almost like playing a team sport, cheering each other on. I’m learning that I’m stronger than I thought I was. The Open has shown me that I still have a competitive spirit inside of me.

Anything you would like to add?
I love how the coaches know how to push us just enough. My muscles always “hurt” in a good way. The coaches always make sure we are doing the exercises correctly, so we don’t get hurt. It’s a great balance!