Gym Record Participation 8+ Years Later…

Gym Record Participation 8+ Years Later…

As a gym owner and coach, I couldn’t be happier. We had over 45 members officially register and compete in the CrossFit Open Workout 19.1. The level of energy and mental toughness I saw this past week was inspiring to watch. I was so inspired that I somehow lost my voice. It was probably the 45+ times I kept yelling, “pick up the ball…you have 60 seconds left…don’t stop!!”

Each week the Open athletes are going to be tested with new workouts. And as much as CrossFit wants to make it fun for all of us, they are also going to find ways to challenge our bodies and souls! For those participating in the Open try to take each workout one-at-a-time otherwise, you’ll get so anxious that you won’t be able to sleep! Trust me that was me for years! Make some great friendships while you’re at it too!

For those who didn’t get a chance to register this year, we would love to have you join us to cheer your fellow classmates on or to come to help us judge the event. We run a Masters event on Friday at 8:00-9:00 am and another event on Saturday at 9:00-11: 00 am. The more the merrier.

This year we are personally streaming the LIVE announcements on Instagram and Facebook every Thursday at 8:00 pm with commentary from your coaches. It lasts about a half-hour. We would love for you to join us and interact with other members watching the LIVE stream.

I attached two highlight videos of our Friday and Saturday groups competing. I hope they inspire you all. We have a really special group this year competing and so grateful for the opportunity to lead you all.

Let’s keep this momentum going into 19.2. What do you think the workout is going to be? You’ll have to watch and found it!!

Friday Highlight Video: FacebookInstagramYoutube

Saturday Highlight Video: FacebookInstagramYoutube