Here’s why you should check your weight daily

Here’s why you should check your weight daily

My wife and I have been dieting for approximately 3 weeks by tracking our caloric intake. As of late, we made it a habit to weigh ourselves every morning before breakfast. For my wife in particular, some days she loses as little as a few ounces, sometimes she loses up to a pound!

This morning she was up 6oz!! Needless to say, she wasn’t happy.

I had to quickly remind her that the scale isn’t always going to drop. And that’s okay. She did everything right yesterday and that’s all that matters.

Trying to figure out how she gained those 6oz is a pointless endeavor as there are so many variables that may have caused that including; fluid intake, activity levels, metabolism, hormones, high sodium foods, etc. I told her that what mattered most was that on average she was still losing weight and that’s what we needed to stay focused on.

Instead, I reminded her to stick to the process and remain positive.

As much as I was giving her a pep talk the information I was giving her was backed by research.  Not only does weighing in every day provide consistency, it provides motivation for making healthy choices. Researchers at the University of Minnesota discovered that people who got on the scale every day lost twice as much weight as those who weighed themselves less often. Their assumption was that monitoring helps keep ones mind on health and prevents weight denial and bad food choices.

They might want to add that it helps makes stronger marriages!