Reservations required for all classes

In a word: quality. When limiting our class sizes, the goal was not to shut people out of their preferred time; but rather to ensure that every athlete in the class get the attention that they need and deserve. This is the only way to maintain the high standards of coaching that each of you expect from us. By reserving a class, you are setting an appointment with us- we know how many athletes to expect at a given class. Your reservation also serves another purpose: accountability! Human nature is such that we are more apt to keep our plans when someone else is expecting to meet us- how many of you have told yourself that you were going to get that workout in after work, only to have one thing lead to another, and end up sitting on the couch, doing nothing feeling bad about yourself for not coming to work out. Chances are, if you had made plans with us and reserved your class, you would have made it in and be much more happier.


Q) What is the latest I can cancel my reservation? A) You can cancel your reservation up to 1 hour before class starts. Q) How will I know if I get upgraded to class from the waitlist? A) If you are upgraded to a class via the waitlist you will get an email directly sent to you notifying you of this. Keep in mind the last someone can cancel their reservation is up to one hour before that class time so you will always be notified before that point.


Q) What is your policy for out of town drop-ins who CrossFit somewhere else. A) Being a city known for its’ beaches we are fully aware and appreciative of our visitors. We welcome CrossFitters from all over the world. We follow a RSVP system so require you to reserve before attending any classes. Simply click on the day and time you’d like to attend on the calendar and click “Sign Up” or “Reserve”. Please be sure to come 10 minutes early your first day to fill out a waiver. Q) What is the rate? A) Non-member Drop-Ins are $20.  We do not offer weekly rates at this time.