At Naples Strength & Conditioning, we strive to be the best gym in South West Florida. To do this we’ve opened our doors to not only provide a great coaching experience to our members but also work with aspiring coaches to develop their technical knowledge and training skills.

Our internship program is unique and hands on. This program is intended for athletes wanting to develop themselves into better leaders and more engaged, professional coaches. The CrossFit Naples Internship Program ranges from three to eight months and includes phases of shadowing current CrossFit Naples coaches, teaching components of a CrossFit class, working with new athletes, and eventually teaching classes under the observation of a head coach. During the internship, you will also learn the day-to-day business operations that make Naples Strength & Conditioning one of the most professional business’ around.


You have introduced me to many new exercises that I’ m determined to better understand. I have a new outlook on CrossFit and how it’s incorporated to help improve fitness. Once again I want to say thank you for this wonderful experience. You have given me so much knowledge in this area and I’m excited to start using these concepts real soon. From doing my internship, I realize that there are so many resources out there that I can learn from rather than from a textbook. You have given me a new outlook for my future plans and have opened up new and exciting doors for me as well. -Brianna Sayer, SUNY Canton, NY

As a college student studying International Business and Marketing, I spend a lot of time on the ‘theory’ of how to run a business. Not many classes have I taken in school that focuses on how to specifically get the customer what they need, or how to run o a business. I quickly learned that running a gym is not all fun and games. I believed people think gym owners open to working out all day. This is not the case. Naples Strength & Conditioning showed me how to do that by focusing on the value of their clients. This internship has opened my eyes to a lot of important business aspects I would never be able to learn in a classroom. I was able to improve my people skills, photography, social media, researching, critical thinking, and marketing skills, all the while getting a killer workout regimen in all summer that helped me lose ten pounds. -Adam Robinson, SUNY Maritime, NY

Throughout my internship, I was fortunate enough to participate in hands-on learning experiences that were very valuable in assisting with my college education. It was a total of 150 hours and during that time I was able to meet a large portion of the gym members and developed valued relationships along the way. I was taught first hand the values and responsibilities of being a great coach along with what it takes to run a successful business. I learned the importance of committing to and accomplishing tasks with a team opposed to trying to do it all yourself. Mario, Kirk, and the rest of the coaches are as professional as it gets and the value they provided to me along with the rest of their members is unmatched. Overall I owe great amounts of credit to this internship given the career preparation and self-development skills I received throughout my time there. -Brett Reynolds, Flordia Gulf Coast University

If you are interested in an internship to become a better personal trainer and develop a greater knowledge of how to run a successful business simply apply below. We’ll review your application and set up a time to meet.