The Value of Membership

Naples Strength & Conditioning is more than a CrossFit gym. In addition to our popular CrossFit classes, we take a unique approach to improving your overall wellness. That means we focus on more than just physical conditioning: we care about proper nutrition, opportunities for health and wellness education, and a strong community with social support. We keep things simple and offer one single CrossFit membership for those who are truly ready to adopt this way of training and positively change their lives. Other programs include Masters, Personal Training and Barbell Club.

Memberships include:

  • Small group classes for maximum results will get personal attention from the coaches at every class.
  • Body Composition Analysis help assess overall improvement in your body every few months
  • Access to Phone and Email Coaching gives you direct access to our coaches
  • Skill Clinics as a way to fine-tune common the movement we perform in class
  • Benchmark testing is used as our quantitative measure for improvement in fitness
  • FREE Community Events that allows our members to learn more technique (rowing, run, pull up seminars) or just have fun (beach workouts, socials)

We get results because we approach wellness from every angle and provide you with opportunities to grow in a variety of ways. In addition to our group and private classes, here are some of the unique options available only through Naples Strength & Conditioning:

  • Nutritional coaching will help you optimize your eating habits.
  • Personal training is one-on-one and helps individualize your needs and goals
  • Seminars further your knowledge and ensure the greatest possibility for success
  • Specialty classes such as: Olympic Lifting, Barbell Club, and Endurance Club
  • Social events to get to know the people you get sweaty with each day!

What You’ll Learn

During your group and private training classes, you can expect to learn and develop many skills. You’ll learn about strength training, functional movement, cardiovascular exercises as well as stretching and self-mobilization techniques during the warm-up and cool-down portions of the class.

Membership Options

As with any physical fitness program, consistency is key. That’s why we create dynamic & diverse programming that makes working out fun and new every time you enter the gym. No workout is ever the same!

No Contracts.

Here are some of the other package options for you to consider:

Class Options

We value the power of coaching, this is why we cap our group classes to keep them small and make sure you get the attention you deserve. Group classes constitute the backbone of our gym. It’s where you’ll learn basic techniques, meet other members and learn to train properly.  With our RSVP system, you will never just feel like a statistical in large group classes. Classes of more than 10 people per coach is dangerous. Our classes feel more like personalized group training.

Personal Training

Because having the undivided attention of a coach can make all the difference in gaining the fitness & health you strive for. You can choose to always work with a coach 1-on-1 or as a great complement to group classes. Personal training will help you improve your technique at a quicker pace. Also with the coach as your guide, you will hone in on your personal weaknesses and make them a thing of the past. Stand-alone sessions are offered, but there is a much greater value and results with the consistency of weekly commitments. Packages are set on a pre-paid basis.

Bonuses & Discounts

  • Free Guests: Members may invite up to two free guests per month to attend group classes (guest must be an experienced in high-intensity training)
  • Discount: Teachers, nurses, EMTs, married couples, full-time students, and current duty military get a  discount on membership plans. Call for pricing.
  • Referral Program: We have other incentives that help you save more money every month. Ask us how!

No Contracts.


  • $20 per class or $30 with a T-shirt.  For experienced CrossFitters. Please contact us before attending as a drop-in. Reservation is required.

To sign up for a free intro session and discuss pricing, contact us at (239) 263-8122 or e-mail us at