Reflections On Mental Toughness From a CrossFit Games Champion

Reflections On Mental Toughness From a CrossFit Games Champion

Matt Hewett, a former team member of the CrossFit Mayhems Champion team recently posted about what mental toughness means to him and how you can develop more of it too!

Doing something over and over again builds confidence in your abilities. How do you build confidence? Repeat something over, over, and over again.
Our CrossFit Team was the best in the world because we did crazy workouts day in and day out. We pushed ourselves harder than anyone had ever imagined. At the end of the day, we were sore as heck but ready for more. We built confidence through repetitions and knowing that we were pushing ourselves harder than anyone else. We knew that no matter what circumstances came up ( for us, workouts) we were more prepared and had more confidence than all of the other teams. We believed in ourselves because we trained harder and longer than anyone else.

It’s your responsibility to get YOUR job done. People depend on you and at the end of the day, it’s expected for you get it done. If that requires sacrifice and risk then so be it. “I will do my JOB.”

Put the TEAM before yourself. Great teams are built on players accepting that they are equal and they need each and every person to be at their best.
My greatest fear was not being a good teammate. Everything I did was for the betterment of the team. If I needed to lead, then I led. If I needed to follow, then I followed. Realize that at some point you will be needed to step up for your team. You don’t want to fail them. When things get tough and you feel like all you want to do it quit remember your teammates.

4. Pride and Humility
Have pride in what you do. It’s important to acknowledge and be happy with what you accomplish as a TEAM. It’s also important to know that at any point someone, somewhere, even if it’s only for a second can be better than you. Accept praise and go back to work.

In my opinion, there is no way “train” mental toughness by talking about it. It’s all about ACTION. You can talk about it all day long about what and how you are going to change but all comes down to putting things in action.