The Best Way To Train Confidence in the Split Jerk

The Best Way To Train Confidence in the Split Jerk

Written By: Mario Ashley, MBA, Owner Naples S&C

The Split Jerk is very difficult to master in the sense that it requires many physical skills performed at the same time with near perfect timing. The skill required to be proficient at the Split Jerk strength, power, speed, flexibility, balance, coordination, accuracy. No wonder this movement takes forever to master! And for many just learning how to strict press and Push Press learning how Split Jerk can be quite a leap.

That’s why I love the Strict Press from the Split Lunge Position.

The Split Lunge Press significantly helps the athlete feel more comfortable in the finish of the Split Jerk. The Split Lunge Press helps them become more comfortable pressing overhead with their feet stationary in the split lunge without the pressure of having to perform the fast Jerk motion. By not having to move their feet while strict pressing allows athletes to focus on the finish position.

The GOAL of this drill is to become stronger and more comfortable in the split jerk position by finishing the barbell press “over the shoulder blades” while the feet remain in the static split lunge stance.


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Split Stance Lunge Drill

This is my favorite way to quickly have a group class learn how to find their split stance position. Have athletes start at the bottom of the lunge position with both knees bent at 90degrees. Then ask them to stand up 80-90%. Plus or minus 2-4 inches standard deviation this will be their split jerk landing position.

No Bar Split Jerk

In a safe environment, we can teach the speed, balance, coordination, and accuracy component necessary for an effective split jerk with any concern of getting hurt. This drill is most effective when done in sets of 10-30 reps at a time. The high rep sets get the athlete to stop thinking so much and instead use the natural forces of the jump to improve their split jerk position.

Visual Proof

To me, the Chinese are the epitome of textbook strength, power, flexibility, and GRACE. Although there are many other countries with higher records the Chinese have without debate the best technique. For example, notice how the finish position of the jerk, (pictured on left) the bar rest over shoulders blades NOT the shoulders. In addition, the press is an active position in which you see he never fully relaxes or stops pressing. This is visually evident in a shoulder like a shrug lockout.