I love this gym and I love Mario! I’ve tried several different places and different classes but I kept coming back to Mario Mostly because of his personality, knowledge and the great community he has built!
Ana Payero
21:19 14 Jun 19
Have dropped in on multiple classes - great facility, outstanding coaches and welcoming members! Always learn something new when dropping in at a new box and can say that Mario and his team of coaches are great! Will definitely return every time I visit Naples.
Scott McHugh
15:53 20 May 19
When we travel we love to try out the local CrossFit gyms. CrossFit Naples is one of the best we have been to. Being a gym owner allows us a unique opportunity to see the skills of the coaching staff, this staff is amazing. They care about the clients and know their stuff. We will definitely return.
Loaded Bell
15:01 12 Apr 19
I just love this place. Mario and his team are so warm, efficient and PRO ! I do private coaching and they are so good at finding the perfect work out for my needs. They don't kill you like other coachs where you don't want to ever come back to a training. No, they find the perfect spot where you can go further than you think and work really effectively without crushing you down. The result are SO effective on your cardio and your body. Session after session, you feel better and better, thinner, stronger and more confident in every way ! Thank you Mario and all the coach !
Grégory Grand
18:47 30 Mar 19
I dropped in to Naples CrossFit 4 times while I was on vacation. The coaching is top notch. Mario noticed improvements in several of my movements and lifts and pointed them out to me right away. The other meme era are very welcoming.... the CrossFit community is strong at NSC. I will certainly visit next time I am in town...you should too.
David Everest
15:26 28 Mar 19
This gym is phenomenal! The classes are capped once a certain number of participants is reached which allows the Coach to really focus on mechanics for everyone not just controlled chaos. Facility is Clean and organized, you can tell there is a high emphasis on providing a professional experience, not just getting through group classes. What stood out the most is the sense of togetherness among the members. At the end of every workout there is a debrief and team “break” (everyone puts hands together in group and shouts a unifying cheer) At other gyms I’ve been to, once everyone is done with their workout, everyone scatters. This place really is the best gym I’ve been to, and I’ve been to countless gyms all over Florida and elsewhere in country.
Paul Hardman
15:21 19 Mar 19
This is our home box here in Naples, FL. This box is the perfect combination of intentional coaching and strategic workouts to maximize individual performance. Capping classes to ensure a strong sense of community and personalized scaling, Coach Mario's background in personal health and fitness shines through in Crossfit Naples' excellence. Every time I visit, there is a warm, competitive, and encouraging spirit. We LOVE Crossfit Naples and it will always be our #1 box to workout at! #bestboxever #maximizeyourhealth #iloveCFnaples
Valerie Hardman
04:22 19 Mar 19
Visited Naples Strength and Conditioning while visiting Naples over Christmas and again during this past week. The coaches and members are friendly and welcoming; the gym itself has everything you need to have a solid workout. Will be back next time I'm in Naples!
Jamie Rodrigue
01:29 15 Mar 19
Such a great facility with a positive atmosphere and great programming. Coaches are great at keeping you going and pushing you to push past your limits to help you get stronger. Its a must to drop in if your just driving though as well!!!
ariana pajazetovic
17:46 27 Feb 19
Always sore, but that's a great thing!! Love the trainers and the workouts.
Beatriz Figueroa
01:18 28 Dec 18
I am a little over 2 months in, and Crossfit Naples has changed my life. Mario and Ashley, the owners, make the time to get to know each of the team members, and it is so refreshing! There is such a wide variety of ages, abilities, and personalities that are in the classes that you always feel a part of the group! Coaches are extremely knowledgeable and supportive, and the facility is always clean. Workouts are different every day, and that makes it exciting! As long as you show up with a great attitude and willingness to get sweaty, you will get a great workout in and see results in your physical and mental well-being. The location is easy to get to from most parts of Naples. I love CF Naples, keep up the great work team!
Megan Cashour
00:50 10 Dec 18
Very knowledgeable coaches who are enthusiastic about what they do. Continuously changing routine which keeps it fun. Family owned ,very clean and organized gym. Members are very down to earth which makes working out a pleasure. I would definitely recommend to beginners as well as seasoned pros..!!
Mike N
12:32 04 Dec 18
While visiting Marco Island discovered this great crossfit gym. Dropped in twice while here for the week and both times experienced a great workout with fantastic coaching. They also have great members. Been doing crossfit for a year now so whenever I travel i like to visit other gyms. This is one worth visiting next time.
Rick Copple
16:46 21 Sep 18
Been a member at the 5:30am class for over 2 years now. Always amazed that the coaches can inspire me to do things I would never think I could or would do on my own. I always leave feeling strong and fulfilled. Love the camaraderie of the early morning crowd, too.
Risa Moore
21:05 16 Sep 18
I’ve been training at Naples Strength and Conditioning for six months. They care about me and my fitness goals. The coaches are professional, motivated, and informative. I highly recommend this gym. Thank you NSC.
Brian French
21:42 22 Aug 18
Came down to Naples to visit and heard some good things about the gym. So I chose to try it out. Ended up here for two drops ins and even brought my wife with me. The gym is great. The owner Mario and his coaches were more then welcoming. Made sure to review each movement and gave pointers to everyone during the strength portion and the wod. Everyone was friendly and inviting. As a coach it was a relief to see a gym that followed what Crossfit is all about and encourage their members to be fit and healthy. Will be going back every time I am in the area.
Joseph Roskop
16:00 17 Aug 18
I am from Indiana and did a drop in CrossFit class and it was awesome! Really fun wod, great group of people, and an educated coach who really pushed and encouraged everyone! I definitely would recommend coming here! Thanks for a great workout! 🙂
Caroline Harding
15:37 19 Jul 18
I'm in Naples for a few days on business. Contacted Naples Strength and Conditioning via their website on the weekend to ask some questions and Mario got back to me right away. He called me on a Saturday and answered all my question in a real customer care fashion. I then dropped in on Monday for a morning session and Coach Luke was just outstanding....he coached the entire time and did a great job making me feel welcome. The entire class was welcoming. I will be back a few more times while I'm here. Great work outs, great environment and very welcoming. Thank you for making being away from home a little less like being away from home.
Melissa McCurley
12:59 17 Apr 18
Naples Strength and Conditioning is the BEST place in Naples for training. The coaches are knowledgeable, encouraging and FUN!! The owner Mario is hard working, kind and passionate about what he does. This if reflected in all aspects of this gym from personal training to Crossfit and other classes. If you want to experience great results and be educated on how to do it - this place is for you!
Laurie Wright
14:57 11 Apr 18
The staff here are very encouraging, they don't just show you how to do crossfit, they explain why the movements are important for your health. It truly is a very supportive environment.
Adam Pinsker
03:36 02 Apr 18
Dropped in for and early morning Friday Wod. Skill work, strength work and a quick 9 min conditioning wod to finish it off. Super fun and efficient with a knowledgeable coach (Mario) who coached the entire time! Shout out to Coco (a member) who made me feel most welcome! See you all next year when I’m back in town!
wendy powers
18:21 18 Mar 18
I've been a member at Naples Strength and Conditioning for about a year now, and the quality of the coaching and community is absolutely fantastic. I refused to try CrossFit for several years before stepping through their doors, and was immediately welcomed with open arms. Knowing almost nothing about many of the movements and philosophy behind CrossFit, they really helped me grow and develop as an athlete, without just throwing me over to the weights and telling me to get going. Mario and the other coaches have truly become part of my family, and I would recommend them to anyone!
Christian Amland
18:47 06 Dec 17
Excellent gym. Yes they are a crossfit affiliate, but they distinguish themselves by hiring great coaches and teaching safe and effective form and range of motion. You warm-up, practice strength and power lifts and then condition to get your heart rate up. The wods always leave me ready to tackle the day!
Danielle Wallack
17:50 26 Oct 17
The program is structured in a way that maintains 4 fundamental areas of fitness, focusing on one per week, but always has new workouts and conditioning sets. I look forward to every week, and love the versatility of movements and skills we focus on. The coaches are all very dedicated, and encourage all of us with positivity rather than pressure or aggression. Great gym!
Gibson Bastar
12:19 25 Jul 17
Dropped in for a class while on vacation. A great and fun workout with positive coaches who provide solid feedback and encouragement throughout. The gym is clean and well-equipped, and the owners have done a great job building the community. If you live in or near Naples, or are looking for a box to drop in while around, this is your place. Thanks for a great day!
Michael Lyon
08:46 26 Jun 17
I'm a longtime weightlifter with some serious functionality and flexibility issues. Coach Kirk has been working with me over the past couple of months to help rebuild what I've screwed up. Even with up to 11 other people in the class, he always takes time to coach me personally. I'm starting to unlock my strength beyond simple iron throwing. I'm becoming functional. I cant recommend it enough.
Joe Pellegrino
04:27 16 May 17
CrossFit Naples is truly a wonderful community. I joined this box last year with next-to-zero athletic training and low confidence in my abilities, but also a desire to succeed and invest in my body and my lifestyle. The coaches (Kirk and Mario, especially) returned that investment two-fold and have guided me on my path to fitness, both physical and mental. I absolutely recommend this facility to anyone looking for a positive experience with a gym, either for the first time or as a seasoned athlete. Thanks, CFN!
Camille Channer
22:54 14 May 17
Masters Class is amazing! I am 67 years old and after a pretty sedentary life, started cross fit about 2 years ago. When I moved to Naples this past fall - I discovered CrossFit Naples Masters Class and love everything about this experience. Great facility, wonderful coach and enthusiastic exercise mates. Every move is explained and demonstrated for correct form and with an eye to keeping you safe while giving you a good workout! I have lost a total of 15 pounds in 6 months and feel and look healthier and more fit.
Patricia West
13:41 24 Apr 17
I waited just over 3 months to give this gym a review because I wanted to really make sure they deserve the rating I am giving them- and they really do. If I could give more stars I would. CrossFit Naples is top-notch and extremely caring about its people; newly welcomed, drop ins, and even long time members. The owner, Mario, is an awesome coach, a humble leader, and a born natural- he could do it with his eyes closed. He's also a new father to a beautiful little boy who you can tell he loves so much. The Coaches Kirk, Miles, and Luke are like the heart and soul of this place- they are awesome at what they do and only want you to succeed. They know so much about fitness it's like having a personal trainer by your side. Every class they go over in full detail and demonstrate what we will be doing. They constantly correct form and do some really effective stretching techniques that target the muscles we'll be working on. It's definitely not the stereotypical meat-head gym with a bunch of wild crazies swinging from bar to bar like some other gyms. It has a community feel every class, every time. Now some info about me- I'm 30 years old, a husband, and a father of 2 young boys with very little exercise experience. When I first joined CrossFit Naples, I had zero knowledge of CrossFit and what it was all about. I barely knew what to do with dumbbells or a barbell. I weighed 160 pounds and exercised maybe twice a month on my own (which involved less than a mile of running and very few push-ups and sit-ups). When I joined this gym, I decided to not do anything other than what they told me and see what sort of results I get in 3 months. So I averaged 4 to 5 days a week there with not much change in my diet except cutting out a few unnecessary carbs and consuming more healthy protein. In that time, I lost 3% body fat and have some great muscle gains. I feel like a different person and it's only been 3 months. I can't say enough good things about this place. I never thought I'd be able to get myself up every morning to exercise, but I actually look forward to it. I'm so glad I found them, and I'm looking forward to the next 3 months. I hope this helps anyone who is on the fence about which CrossFit gym in Naples to try, because this one by far, feels like home.
Michael Palomba
02:34 30 Jan 17
I joined CrossFit Naples during my long winter break from college. I already had a decent amount of fitness experience but I ended up learning a ton of new movements and workouts that I can use while back at school. The coaches are fantastic and the classes are small enough to offer individual attention. The facility is great, has plenty of equipment, and is nice and clean. I particularly enjoyed that they offered extensive open gym hours, so I could workout on what I wanted outside of classes.
Michael Galbato
21:18 25 Jan 17